Chinnar is located in the rain shadow regions of High Ranges in the Southern Western Ghats. Approximately 65 kms away from Munnar and is open throughout the year. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary (90.422 sq. km) is famous for wildlife sighting. Its dry deciduous forests make it easier to view the wildlife. Undulating terrain with rocky patches increase the scenic splendor of the sanctuary. The forest types comprise thorny scrub forests, dry deciduous forests, high altitude sholas and wet montane grasslands. Apart from this, this area is noted for its archaeological importance too. The Dolmens, built between first and fifth century CE are one of the major attractions among them. Herds of Asiatic Elephants, Gaur, Spotted Deer, Tiger, the elusive Leopard, the legendary ‘white bison of Manjampatti’, and the colourful bird and butterfly life makes Chinnar a must see destination in the wildlife map of Western Ghats.