Day 1: Arrive Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary by 9am. You will be briefed about the PA and how this community based ecotourism program will benefit the local indigenous people, the Malayans. A one hour walk into the jungle will lead you to our camp. Go for a short walk with your naturalist while your hosts cook your food. Simple vegetarian meals will be cooked and served at the camp. In the afternoon, our naturalist will take you for a walk through lush tropical jungle to watch birds and butterflies. Learn to read animal signs and evidences. You will see some rare and endemic orchids flowering. There are chances of spotting wild animals too. But don’t except to walk into a tiger. That requires a longer stay. Your eco-guides will identify the medicinal herbs they use. Exchange worldviews with your hosts over dinner. Your accommodation will be in tents. Sleeping bags are provided.


Day 2: Wake up at 5.30 with tea and snacks. Go for an early morning nature walk with our naturalist. After breakfast, a trek with your naturalist through the dense moist deciduous forests will help you learn more about the life in the jungle. Expect to see wild animals during the trek. At camp, you are at leisure in the afternoon. Perhaps you would like to relax under a cascade of the nearby mountain stream. After lunch visit a nearby Rainforest patch, watch birds. Back in the camp discuss with your hosts, over dinner, their role in preserving these jungles. Listen to their jungle lore, encounters with wild animals…. long into the night. Star gaze. Learn to identify nocturnal birds by their calls. Or just let the jungle sounds lull you to sleep. Spend the night sleeping in tents and sleeping bags.

Chimmony- dam View

Day 3: Wake up at 5.30 with tea and snacks. An early morning birding trek will further lengthen your bird list including some rare endemics. After breakfast we trek back to Chimmony. Meet representatives from the Malayan community and give your opinions and suggestions directly to your hosts.